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Site Builder Features

Site Builder Features

for All Sites


Website Features

Create up to 70 web pages in your site, with option to add more pages


No HTML skills are needed. Use the easy online editor to type your page exactly as you want it to look - it is much like using Microsoft Word.


Create a unique design from your own photos or free-style design. Simply type your  site heading as you want it to look, and easily insert images from your Image Library. No predefined templates to lock you in or steal your uniqueness. Select from several design formats to use your own photos for your site design.


Website navigation menus at top, left or right, and bottom. You select which menus to include and exclude.


Image Library

Add images anywhere in your site from your own Image Library.


Upload up to 50 images at once into your Image Library using the free enhanced image upload software. It resizes images as they are uploaded, resulting in very fast  uploads. Add up to 1,000 images to your Image Library, with an option to add more.


Don't have the right images of your own? Use images from our free library of stock photos.


Web Page Types You Can Create


Info Page

Use the easy online page editor to create an informaional web page with text and images for your site visitors to read.

Common uses:

  • About Us
  • Directions to a location
  • Company Information
  • Instructions


Blog Page (coming soon)

Use the online editor to post blogs on your site. Add a photo gallery to each blog page. Allow visitors to comment on your blog. An index of all your blogs is automatically created for you.

Common Uses:

  • Travel diary
  • Political commentary and reaction
  • Topic discussion, opinions
  • Personal diary
  • Commentary which invites reader comments
  • Commentary without allowing reader comments


Form Page

Use the online form generator to create a professional online form for your visitors to fill out and email information or comments to you. One form fits on a page. Your forms will be robot-spam proof.

Common uses:

  • Contact Us
  • Send Feedback
  • Request a free brochure
  • Ask for a sales rep to call 


Photo Gallery Page (coming soon) 

Add photos to your gallery page from your Image Library and publish. Visitors can select to see your photos on this page as thumbnails, a slideshow or in a flash movie format; you select which format displays first. 


ECommerce Website Page Types:


Product Page

A web page that contains products for sale. Displays all your products in a category such as 'Books' or 'DVDs'.


Pay Form Page

A web page that contains one or more online forms for people to fill out and submit with their payment. Use Pay Forms to take online payments for services, signups, reservations or donations. Pay Forms are easy to create with our easy Pay Form generator. Create  simple or elaborate online forms to submit signup information with payment. The payment amount can be adjustable based on customer form selections made.


Other Free Site Builder Inclusions:


Google Site Search is included for you so your visitors can search your website


A Site Map is automatically created for you as you build pages in your website.


Printer Friendly pages. You can set your preferences to automatically create a printer-friendly page for each of the web pages you create. This allows people to easily print the content of your website.

Shopping Cart Features

for Ecommerce Sites


Product Features

Unlimited products with product photos. Add photos from your Image Library or upload separately.


Product purchase options with price-adjust. e.g. you can add $3 to the price if the customer chooses the Blue color, rather than standard Silver. Add a photo to show how each option looks.


All product & option photos click to larger views. 


Sell digital (downloadable file) products. Security is built-in so your files cannot be downloaded without payment.


Sell personalized photo products. Your customer can be prompted to upload (or email) digital images for you to create personalized photo/logo products they order.


Checkout Security for your Customers

256 bit SSL security is included for every online cart purchase transaction.


Online Payments

Take online payments for services, signups, reservations or donations using our unique Pay Form generator. Create a simple or elaborate online form to fill out and submit signup information with payment. Payment amount is adjustable based on customer form selections made.


Supported Currencies

Many selling currencies are supported including US Dollar (USD), UK Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR) and many more. Set your cart to list prices and take payments in one of these currencies.


Shipping Calculations

10 Shipping calculations are supported. One of them will work for you.

Learn about shipping


Merchant Gateways

Supported Merchant Account Gateways include 

- PayPal

- PayPal Website Payments Pro

- PayPal Payflow Pro

- Authorize.Net

- Linkpoint

- YourPay


Free Options

Take online orders with no online payment.


Inventory control so you don't sell more than you have. Includes low-quantity alerts.


W3 Affiliate Program - Pay a sales commission to affiliates who link to your website. Learn more.


Reports and Emails

All reports are downloadable to Excel.


An instant email order notification is sent to you.


An instant order confirmation email is sent to your customer in addition to a printable online confirmation/receipt. You can post your own message to appear on your customer's email receipt and online confirmation.


Robust online order reports are available. Get order summary and detail reports, searchable by date. A Sales by Product report will tell you how each of your products are performing.


Customer email list - formatted for Constant Contact and most other email marketing sites.


Promo Codes

Use Promo Codes to offer product discounts and free shipping.


Other Free Shopping Cart Features

You can set your cart to validate a customer credit card during order, then manually charge the card later when you ship the product.


Source Codes for marketing and commission purposes. Asks your customers to enter a catalog number, or ask which representative helped them with their purchase, etc.


Cart and Checkout Look and Feel

Although the cart and checkout occurs on our secure SSL website, it looks exactly as if the checkout occurs directly on your own website. This seemless integration gives your site the professional look and feel you need to make your customers feel comfortable during checkout. Your cart won't look detatched, amiturish and different from your website.


Checkout Features

Your customers can enter comments or special instructions during checkout.


Post a message to your customers in small red print at the bottom of each checkout page. e.g. You can inform them that you usually ship products in 3 days, or any other fine-print your customer needs to know when ordering from you.


Post a checkout completion message to your customers to be displayed on their email receipt and online confirmation page. This can be a marketing message, a coupon containing a Promo Code for their next purchase, or an advertisement of another product - anything you wish to say to your customer after they order from you.


Search Engine Optimimization

for All Sites


Free, Automatic SEO 

Your site is automatically search engine optimized as you build, for free.


A Site Map -a detailed listing of all your web pages - is automatically created and updated for you as you build and add to your website. This allows search engine robots to easily navigate and index all the published pages in your webiste.


Meta Keywords and Descriptions can be entered for each web page as you create them. Remember to take advantage of this and enter this information for each of your web pages as you create them.


Google Site Map XML is automatically created as you build your site. Simply signup for an account with Google and register your website so it recognizes your sitemap.xml. This tells Google you are seriously seeking their attention to your website, and helps Google index your site more efficiently.


SEO Tips and Tricks

Download our SEO Tips and Tricks PDF document for simple ways to get a higher page rank as you build your website. You'll get amazing results if you employ these simple techniques.


Google Analytics

Unlike other site builder programs, we allow you to add your own Google Analytics code to your site. This will tell you how well your site is doing.


All these SEO features would cost you hundreds of dollars if you hired an SEO company. They come free with your Site Builder!


SEO Extras


Monthly search engine submits to thousands of search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Cost: $85 per year.



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